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Polyvagal Guided, Somatic and Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy

Do you feel anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed? It is not a fault – nor is it your fault. Your nervous system knows the way back home.

Polyvagal guided, Somatic and Mindfulness psychotherapy provides holistic body-based tools adapted specifically for your nervous system to help meet your goals of becoming happier and experiencing greater ease

Science and ancient wisdom tell us that our biology has a story to tell us – information which can bring understanding and compassion for our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. With education and practice you can gain more control over your biology and change your trajectory.

Our body’s innate wisdom is, for many, an untapped reservoir of information and healing. When we are out of touch with this wisdom, our nervous system can drive our thoughts and emotions outside of our conscious control. Befriending our nervous system can help us free ourselves of self-judgment and shame about our emotional and mental patterns.

But sometimes anxiety and depression hurt and get in the way of our goals and values. For many, positive thinking has not been the way out of this. 

If you experience anxiety or depression and find life too much sometimes – you are not alone. It can mean that you also deeply experience and understand the gifts and joy in living. 

Who can benefit from this process?

If you are a young adult or adult and having feelings of nervousness or depression and would like to learn to have more ease, confidence, inner congruence, and improvement in your relationships, this work may be a great fit for you.

  • Nervousness can feel like sweaty palms, having a tough time speaking, feeling like you want to run, or irritable for reasons you don’t understand.
  • Depression can feel like feeling numb, shut down, sluggish, unmotivated, or sad for reasons you don’t understand.

What I can offer

Together, we will learn how your nervous system works and what it needs so that you can (re)gain the ability to have ease in your life and to meet your goals. We will explore new ways of coping and being which are based in science, mindfulness, and compassion and are adapted specifically for your nervous system. Please contact me for a complimentary fifteen-minute phone call to explore our fit!

Where is your office? Where will we meet?

We will meet via Teletherapy in the HIPAA secure virtual space between my office in Truckee, CA and your home anywhere in the States of California or Nevada. It is requested that you have a private location with a computer or phone and a stable connection. Virtual appointments can be tricky with the demands of family life, and we can find ways to make it work! Here are some instructions to get maximum benefit from your virtual session.